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yo fitblrs you can buy this reusable lunch cup for $12 here:

i would call that more like a snack cup

Hmm….i likey!


‘How Will You Respond, When Death Calls Your Name?’

Lisa M. Krieger and Dai Sugano of the San Jose Mercury News tackled this question in a year-long series, The Cost of Dying. 

Photos and Videos by Dai Sugano / San Jose Mercury News.


Galaxy Nails


Christmas nails for @official_v! ❄⛄#glossnailstudio #snowman #candycane #snowflake


I just got a new phone case (from Obsessed with that website) and I love it so much I had to paint it on my nails. I mixed nail polishes with acetone to get them more watercolor-y and seriously, it’s gonna be sad when I take these guys off. I don’t wanna ever!



Year in Ideas: What a Korean rapper taught us about pop culture today
The video for Gangnam Style, the unlikely hit from South Korean rapper/fancy dresser Psy, has been viewed on YouTube more than one billion times since June. Of these, half a billion involved people watching it so they could memorize the moves for their own Gangnam Style parody and a quarter billion that involved curious watchers who, at the end of four minutes and 13 seconds, were left baffled as to how that song became the most-watched internet video of all time. (These are estimates only.)

But aside from the fact that people still seem to get a kick out of bow ties, the Gangnam phenomenon says something about how we experience culture in an internet world. Just don’t expect Psy to be a big deal in 2013, too.

Psy is not particularly handsome, nor does he approach adorable. Fans of Justin Bieber, whom Psy surpassed to break the YouTube record, generally consider their man to be one or the other. Gangnam Style has an undeniable earworm quality to it, but it’s hardly the first catchy song to be released in the YouTube era. And, the lyrics? Who knows? There’s the part where he says “Gangnam Style” and the part when he says “sexy lady”, then all the other stuff in Korean. He could be reciting the dictionary for all most of us know.

I never got the fascination with this song/video. — tanya b.



FUN FACT: Samsung uses real butts to butt test their phones.

How do I get this job?


Love this picture!